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How did we prepare the i.Experience mirror?

We recently updated the Greenfield site in preparation for:

  • An internal OEIT project to replace the video players in selected courses with SpokenMedia project player.
  • An internal OEIT project to demonstrate search through SpokenMedia transcript files for delivery via MIT’s Google Search Appliance integrated with Greenfield OCW courses.
  • A joint project with MIT OpenCourseWare to test OER Recommender/ recommendations with select OCW courses.

Here are the steps we used to prepare the i.Experience mirror of MIT OCW. This is our first second implementation of i.Experience.


  • I originally started writing this post in April, but I’ve updated it to include the most recent changes to the mirror site.
  • I expect to produce a new version of this guide in mid-/late-August as OCW issues a new version of their mirror.

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i.Experience is OEIT’s first forary into a new, “Interactive Experience” for OpenCourseWare and Open Educational Resources.

We worked with MIT OCW to install a local mirror copy of OCW and have already modified it slightly (within the license and terms of use).

In the next few weeks we will do things such as:

  • Incorporate the SpokenMedia Player into the video pages.
  • Integrate the MITOEIT Recommender system (based on Recommender technology)
  • And…who knows, the sky’s the limit!

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